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Richmond Co Stadium

Posted Monday, April 09, 2007 by Michael Odonnell

75 Richmond Terrace

Staten Island, NY, 10301

Maneuvers Distance Maps
1: Start out going SOUTH on MAMARONECK AVE toward RIDGEWAY. 1.7 miles Map

2: Take the HUTCHINSON PKWY ramp toward NEW YORK CITY. 0.3 miles Map

3: Merge onto HUTCHINSON RIVER PKWY S. 4.7 miles Map

4: Keep LEFT to take CROSS COUNTY PKWY W via EXIT 15 toward GEORGE WASHINGTON BR. 4.7 miles Map

5: Take the SAW MILL PKWY SOUTH exit- EXIT 2- on the LEFT toward NEW YORK CITY. 0.1 miles Map

6: Take the SAW MILL RIVER PKWY SOUTH exit on the LEFT. 0.2 miles Map

7: Merge onto NY-9A S (Portions toll). 17.3 miles Map

8: NY-9A S becomes WEST SIDE HWY / WEST ST. 0.2 miles Map

9: Take the BATTERY TUN exit- EXIT 2- toward I-278 / BROOKLYN. 0.2 miles Map

10: Merge onto I-478 E (Portions toll). 2.3 miles Map

11: I-478 E becomes I-278 W (Portions toll). 7.1 miles Map

12: Take the exit toward BAY ST. 0.2 miles Map

13: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto SCHOOL RD. 0.2 miles Map

14: Turn LEFT onto BAY ST. 2.6 miles Map

15: BAY ST becomes RICHMOND TER. 0.1 miles Map

16: End at 75 Richmond Ter

You can also go the Jersey turnpike to Gothels Bridge to 278.

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