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Billy Cook: Class of 1964, Seton Hall University (P)
Ray Montgomery:
Class of 1987, Fordham University, Houston Astros (OF)
Brian Sweeney:
Class of 1992, Mercy College. Seattle Mariners, Currently with San Diego Padres (P)
Michael Dwyer:
Class of 1997, Pace University (OF)
Michael Huffman:
Class of 1999, Jacksonville CC, Rockland CC, Pace University (C)
Pat DeThomas:
Class of 2000, Mercy College (DH/1B)
Tim Mentrasti: Class of 2001, Pace University (OF,C,2B)
Frank Miceli:
Class of 2001, Mount St. Vincent (P)
Nick Antonicelli:
Class of 2002, Concordia College (2B, SS)
Chris Basso:
Class of 2003, Seton Hall University (P)
Rob Miceli:
Class of 2004, Mount St. Vincent (DH, 1B)
Mike Sheehan:
Class of 2004, St. Mary's College (MD) (P)
Pat Curran:
Class of 2004, Iona College (P)
Chris Mileo:
Class of 2004, Concordia College (OF)
Chris Mentrasti:
Class of 2005, Hofstra University (SS, 2B)
Andrew Maritrano: Class of 2005, St. Peter's College (3B)
Kevin Murray: Class of 2005, Manhattanville College (OF, 1B)
Nick Parente: Class of 2005, Manhattanville College (C, OF)
Jason Cusumano: Class of 2006, Bentley College (IF)
Eric Capowski: Class of 2007, Iona College (IF)
Alex Maruri: Class of 2007, Delaware University (1B, DH)
Anthony Muccio: Class of 2008, Iona College, Keystone College (OF)
Rich Reilly:
Class of 2008, Northwood College (1B)
Ed Martinez: Class of 2008, Maritime College (SS)
Jackson Markey: Class of 2009, Grennell College (OF)
Ed Byrne: Class of 2009, Pace University (P)
Steve Martinez: Class of 2010, Pace University (SS)
Donato Signore: Class of 2011, Adelphi University (3B)
Dave Schildwacter: Class of 2011, John Jay University (P)
Christain Huerats: Class of 2012, New Paltz (P)
Julian Ponce: Class of 2012, Manhattanville College (P,1B)


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